Training Event ~ Retreat ~ Banquet ~ Parenting Session
Leadership Equipping ~ Children’s Ministry Weekend

Want to know something quirky about me?  Although I am a bit of an introvert, I really (really) enjoy speaking to groups of people and acknowledge that it is one of the strength areas that God has equipped me for!!!

There is a wide range of topics, availability and pricing that I offer.  Give me a quick shout if you think my words of equipping and encouragement as a Guest Speaker for your group of any size may be helpful to your vision and mission.  I would love to entertain that possibility with you.

Contact me & we’ll chat!

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • for Leadership Teams
    • Leading the Most Important Person in Your Life:  YOU
    • Leading UP: What’s the Big Deal?
    • Being a Great Team Member
    • Supervising Skills:  Not for the Faint of Heart
    • Building Ministry Teams with Great Team Leads
    • Best Volunteer Recruiting Strategies
    • Training & Equipping Volunteers: An On-Going Process
    • Encouraging Those on Your Teams:  Let’s Make This Fun!
    • Planning Big Events
  • for Volunteer Teams
    • Children’s Counselor Training
    • Making the Home-Church Connection
    • Training for Age-Specific Teachers
    • Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training: Practical Ideas for the Classroom
    • Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training:  Keeping Their Attention so You Can Teach
  • for Families
    • Parenting
      * Children & Grief
      * Teaching Kids About Money
      * Love Languages & Your Kids
      * More…
    • Marriage
    • Blending Families
    • Divorce Recovery