My Top 5 Reasons for an A.M. Walk

... vs. later in the day ...

A (big) part of leading myself well is taking care of this one and only body that God has given me. I’m the only one who can. I’m the only one who will.  So, I MUST!!  And, at the top of my self-care list is regular Monday-Friday early morning walks with my neighbor.  (and, just like that, I’ve combined some exercise with some social time!)
As much as I love my pillow and dislike my alarm clock, I have proven to myself why I really do prefer my 45-minute walk to be in the early morning rather than later on a summer day.
  1. The sun in the South is very hot later in the day.  The a.m. cool(ish)ness is much preferred!
  2. In the morning, I haven’t consumed several glasses of tea.  By the afternoon, I almost need a potty break mid-walk!!
  3. The neighbor’s dog walks with us.  In the afternoon, she really wants to lay down multiple times in the shade … I almost would have joined her. Did I mention that sun is hot?!?
  4. I prefer to “get ready” (shower, make-up, hair) just 1 time per day.  A walk later in the day creates the need for a 2nd of everything and I just don’t like spending that much time looking in the mirror.  Pre-shower in the a.m. with a hat is definitely my first choice.
  5. An A.M. walk helps me wake up … better yet, I’ve walked over half of the hills before I’m fully awake and not as aware of the incline.  Later in the day, awake and watching every approaching hill with dread!
  6. (bonus!) My Fitbit showing high step count early in the day is very encouraging.  Some days, when combined with early morning yard work, I have most of my 10,000 steps in by 8:30!
How about you?  How are you leading yourself well in the area of physical care?  What are some of your exercise preferences?

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