Knowing is Good …

... but it is not enough!

There are zillions of great books, blogs, podcasts, conferences & coaches that we are learning from. So, why aren’t we all currently at a John Maxwell status??

If only the reading and listening would get us there …
That’s a good start. It is not enough. And, it is certainly not the final step.

Learning from these great sources only develops our leadership when we turn it into some type of doing.

Want to lose weight?
–> Will reading books about weight loss make it happen?

Want a better marriage?
–> Will attending a couples conference create wedded bliss?

Want a new color on the walls in your living room?
–> Will talking with the Lowe’s guy give the room a new paint job?

Want to be financially free?
–> Will listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast clear up your debt?

That would be a big fat NO to all of those!!

Same is true with leadership. Let’s make use of our amazing resources. But, more importantly, let’s take that knowing and turn it into doing.

What is one very practical leadership lesson you will apply today?

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