... 4 quick leadership bits for your Friday ...

Do these 10 traits of a high character leader describe you?
Which one(s) do you need to strengthen?

Today is the Friday before the 4th of July … hope you’re planning some downtime of some sort.  Whether a large gathering with friends/family, a quiet day at home, fireworks or the beach, I hope you enjoy the day!  If you’re on Pinterest, here’s my board of red/white/blue food & fun.  Happy 4th, y’all!!


I often scribble down quotes and such when I hear them.  I failed to note the source of this one, but it is a current favorite and one to ponder!
……….. If you are a leader & not self-aware, you are an accident looking for an intersection………..

A leader works at keeping all areas of life in check … finances is a biggie for many.  Whether you are struggling, needing some suggestions or simply want to stay the course, Dave Ramsey is the guy!  We regularly listen to his daily show (via podcast) and learn answers to questions we didn’t know we even had.  We stay encouraged and challenged and focused.  Watch or listen here!

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