... 4 quick leadership bits for your Friday ...

Jason Young’s web site is a great one to check out … he’s all about leadership growth and shares much encouragement as well as challenge.

What are your plans for Monday?  The Great American Eclipse is happening!  A local meteorologist put together some great info … be sure to be in the know, enjoy the experience and stay safe.

Say what??
Listening is not an option in leadership.
Here are 4 dangers of choosing not to listen.

You may be one friend away from a better marriage.
You may be one confession away from overcoming an addiction.
You may be one conversation away from getting in better shape.
You may be one introduction away from climbing out of the doldrums.
You may be one mentor away from becoming a better leader.
It’s not too late to connect with someone who will change your future.
– Craig Groeschel

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