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Want to challenge yourself?
Here are 10 questions to reflect on.

Something special for Sunday!!!
The 27th is National Just Because Day.
Think of a fun way to celebrate your team … just because!!

Annual Volunteer Training is in full-swing in many places.  Thinking past the “big event” in August or September, here are other ways to train year-round.

Anyone else guilty of this or is it just me?!!?


... one of the best ways to develop as a leader


Leaders who strive to be life-long learners are constantly ready for the next great book, anxious to hear the upcoming podcast, available to attend the new conference and always looking for ways to grow.

An often overlooked ‘best practice’ for leadership growth is through serving opportunities.  Seriously.

This particular “serving” that I’m referring to involves the leader putting herself in the position NOT to lead.  Just by virtue of the way leaders are wired, this can be a challenge to find such opportunities.  I promise they exist because I am committed to finding them and have involved myself in many.

I specifically look for situations where I can truly be the volunteer, be the one who asks the questions, be the one who doesn’t know the answers or have the plan or have the lists.  On one level, there is a very personal motivation to give of myself.  There is also such a huge potential to learn as a volunteer how to better equip and communicate with volunteers.

Here are just a few examples from my personal experience:

  • Mission Trips.
  • Conferences.
  • Disaster Relief Call-Outs.
  • Local Food Pantries.
  • Town-Sponsored Events.
  • Elementary School Reading Programs & Events.

What are other situations you’ve been able to serve in (without being the one in charge)?



There are a zillion great podcasts to learn from.  You, no doubt, have some personal favorites and I would LOVE to know what those are (comment below).  If you are not already a subscriber, Dr. Henry Cloud’s Leadership University is totally worth your time.

Do you love lists?
You may find yourself somewhere in this list of 20

Dave Ramsey on a mistake we need to avoid.  Take a look at the (less than 3 minute) video that could potentially impact your leadership in a big way!

Every single day is the right day to say Thanks!  Need some creative ideas that work for volunteers as well as paid staff?  98 Thank Yous For Volunteers is a good list to keep handy.

The #1 Recruiter

Every single ministry area within a church needs more volunteers.  Children’s Ministry seems to particularly have this on-going need due to the numbers of littles that need extra love and care.

So, who exactly is the #1 Recruiter?  Do you believe the answer is someone who is paid?

Well, actually, the very best recruiter/enlister/asker ever is the person who is already volunteering.  MANY more thoughts and practical helps on this topic coming very soon!