Money Matters

Leading ourselves well (self-leadership) involves managing every aspect of our life in a deliberate manner. This includes our finances!

Randy & I recently spent time dreaming and planning for 2018 financial decisions. It’s fun to dream. And, it’s empowering to choose.

We are huge fans, followers, cheerleaders of Dave Ramsey and his no-nonsense, Biblical approach to handling money. His “live like no one else so later you can live and give like no one else” philosophy is nothing short of truth. His tried & true Baby Steps have helped millions get out of debt and live a life in which they are not enslaved to lendors.

If you tend to prefer things sugar-coated, I’m not sure Dave is your guy. If you are drowning in debt or have so much money you’re not sure how to spend it or anything between, Mr. Ramsey has very practical tips for you.

He preaches the “telling your money where to go before it leaves you” (budget) and other God-honoring truths. His lessons come in many forms. No matter where you are on the money-management spectrum, I highly recommend any/all of these:

This is not an affiliate post!!
Simply something I believe in and an area that leaders at all levels need to have a firm grip on.