C is for …

#3. Confidence

(this post is part of a series … be sure to check out all the C words!)

Confidence in leadership (and life) reminds me of The 3 Bears!
Not too much.  Not too little.  Just the right amount.

Leaders absolutely cannot be completely dependent on opinions of others but neither can we completely ignore them.  We must find the balance of moving forward with our decisions while staying in tune with a listening ear.  God places others around us to help us but not to live our lives for us.

I like the quote from E.G. Stevens that says, “Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.”

Read This
Developing The Leader Within You (John C. Maxwell)

Ask These Questions
1. What am I most confident in regarding my leadership?
2. What area do I need to grow my confidence in?

Do This Today
Share the Stevens quote above with someone and chat about the implications for your current leadership.

C if for …

#2. Chuckle

(this post is part of a series … be sure to check out all the C words!)

Seriously!  Chuckle – as in, laugh.
Out loud.  Often!!

Some of us may (on occasion) take ourselves way too seriously.
Now, I’m all for being serious.
Just not 100% of the time.

If we don’t find things to laugh about, my theory is that we might just implode.  I have this same theory about trying to hold in a sneeze or be dainty about it.
No … just sneeze out loud and get it out.  Same with laughing!!

Let’s not confuse laughing at people … that’s not nice.

Laughing with someone – or even alone – is perfectly acceptable and highly recommended.
(there are even lots of studies to prove it)

Enjoying fun times of laughter with those you lead is good for everyone.  If you find that things are just too serious with your team most of the time, why don’t you consider doing something really off-the-wall in an upcoming meeting?

Need ideas?

  • wear a wig or some other silly item to a meeting
  • play a game in the middle of a meeting to lighten the mood
  • ask everyone to bring the best (cleanest) joke they can find
  • watch a short video clip from a favorite comedian (several great ones linked below)

Read This
Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You: Kids, Carbs & The Coming Hormonal Apocalypse (Anita Renfroe)
(sorry guys, you’ll need to find your own funny book … )

Ask These Questions
1. When is the last time I have laughed – out loud – with my team?
2. What can I plan for our next meeting to create laughter?

Do This Today
Check out a few videos from John Crist or Michael Jr.
And, laugh!!!!  Out loud!

C is for …

#1. Choices

(this post is part of a series … be sure to check out all the C words!)

We get to make choices!!
How freeing is that??!?

In our various leadership roles in our organizations and homes, there are so many choices we have every single day.

We get to choose …

  • the food we put in our mouths
  • our moods
  • the clothes we wear
  • our responses
  • the tone of voice we use
  • our gratitude level
  • the affection that we show
  • our facial expressions
  • the appreciation that we give
  • our morning routine
  • the time we end our day & go to bed

… and the list goes on and on.  Life doesn’t happen to us.
Instead, we get to choose a zillion aspects of how life unfolds.

Now, it’s time to take action on this word that begins with C!!!

Read This
Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn’t Enough (Kay Warren)

Ask These Questions
1. What have you been blaming on another person/situation that you actually have the ability to make choices about? What will you do about that?
2. What different choice will you make today in an effort to grow your leadership?

Do This Today
Tell someone you trust about a choice you made and why you went with that option.  Engage in a conversation about choices and the freedom that comes with the ability to choose.

C is for …

C is for CANDY!!  Peanut M&Ms, Jelly Bellies, Maple Nut Goodies, Almond Joy, Peach Rings … just about anything sweet will do, thank you very much.

As I’ve been listening to podcasts, reading books, engaging in meaningful conversations and pondering personal growth, it has struck me just how many important “C” words there are in leadership world.

Normally a “C” would represent average on a test or term paper.  What we will be exploring together is anything but average!  These words, if intentionally pursued and excelled at, will grow our leadership in A++ ways.

Ready for a challenge? (oh look, there’s one…)  This is going to be a fun series.

Come along.  It’s going to be a blast!!  And, bring the candy …