About Me

... lover of all things purple!!

I’m Joy.

I am created uniquely by my Heavenly Father.  There are tons of quirky things about me which will be revealed in some of my posts.

And, like you, I have lots of hats to wear.
Wife. Mom. Lolly (Grandmom). Mother-In-Law. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Co-Worker. Neighbor. Passer-by. Disaster Relief Children’s Response State Director/Trainer. Team Member. Supervisor. Speaker. Natural Introvert. Self-Taught Extrovert. Thrifter. Small Town Girl.  US Citizen. Cat Owner.

I was voted “Most Dependable” during my 12th grade year and really had no idea what that meant.  My high school and college years found me in places of leadership, organizing, administrating, communicating and loving every minute of it.  Still not quite sure what all of that meant, if anything.

As my journey unfolded, I became keenly aware that my life purpose is to serve and honor Him by becoming the best leader that I can possibly become and help others do the same.  This purpose has followed me from home/parenting to a 3rd Grade classroom to a local church staff and currently to this thrilling adventure of Leading With Joy!

Thanks for joining me on this practical journey toward successful leadership in life and ministry.